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Travelling abroad? Carry a Matrix International SIM Card and enjoy local call rates for the country you are travelling to.
Save big on your International Roaming expenses with our International SIM Cards when traveling abroad for business or leisure.
Enjoy a wide range of benefits with our Postpaid and Prepaid SIM Cards:

Prepaid Sim Cards
  • Control your mobile expenses when abroad
  • Free Incoming Calls in most countries
  • Get your number before departure
  • Check your balance online
Postpaid Sim Cards
  • Local postpaid mobile number of the country you are travelling to
  • Free incoming calls in most countries
  • Customized Tariff Plans
  • 24x7 Customer Support
Data Sim Cards
  • Check for unlimited facility for data
  • buy a package that suits you and then don’t worry about the usage anymore!
  • Our SIM Cards can be used in tablets and iPad
Free calls

Who won’t love a free lunch, we offer you several – free incoming calls in most countries, free in-built talk-time and sometimes even free data! It can’t get cheaper and better than this as you pay Local Rates!

Stay Connected Always

With ROAMERS SIM Cards you can do all of this and more without fretting over the data roaming costs, per MB cost etc. We simply offer you unlimited plans for a day or a week or customise it to your preference – truly it is as easy and as cost effective as that!

Data SIM

Check for unlimited facility for data, buy a package that suits you and then don’t worry about the usage anymore! Our SIM Cards can be used in tablets and iPad, our airport kiosks will be happy to convert a Macro SIM to micro or Nano if required.

Local SIM Card

Local prepaid SIM cards of the leading network for each country is imported into your country, and making them available at equally competitive prices of the destination, thus providing convenience and huge savings in cost. It’s the same SIM you would purchase overseas and your country.

Unlimited Data & Whatsapp

Travel without data has become impossible – we all wish to update our WhatsApp status, remain connected on our groups and post pictures on Facebook while on vacation.

Global Coverage in 200 Countries

Buy Pre-paid cards to make mobile communication easier and cheaper for you. You could be travelling to Malaysia or South Africa, UAE to America – ROAMERS provides local SIM Cards for every country with lowest tariffs to call home.

Multiple Numbers for 50+ Countries

We provide virtual local phone numbers (often referred to as inbound SIP trunks, or DID numbers).

Our wholesale VoIP services enable cloud communications providers, international carriers, and enterprise contact centers to extend the reach of their voice network internationally, rapidly, and at minimal cost.

Global SIM Cards

Which global SIM is right for you?

The international SIM is for phones as it offers voice, SMS and data, use this SIM if you are looking to use it in your handset. The UK SIM is very similar but gives the added bonus of cheap international calls from the UK so this is best if you are planning on visiting the UK or if you live in the UK. If you want a SIM for tablets and portable WiFi routers the data SIM is best.


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